Public Speaking and Oral Communication

The Komark "Speak in Style" method

We start with simple topics and exercises and steadily progress to more complex ideas and assignments. The whole "mystery of speaking" is systematically unravelled, and the participant's fear removed. We also use audiocassettes, live speeches by experts and so on, to increase listening comprehension and to improve diction

Here are some of the special features:

1. Our programmes change you from the INSIDE, not through superficial comments like "Stand this way" or "Smile", as the rest of the market does. We train your MIND to think sharply and logically – on your feet. This gives you true inner confidence and enhances your personality enormously, so that you stand out in a crowd, whether in an office or in a university surrounding.

2. Over the period of training, which will also require several hours of personal study,you will gain the confidence to face any audience. You will learn the importance of truly understanding and internalizing your subject before you start speaking. You will also learn the critical need to focus your mind before and while you speak.

3. Our small class sizes ensure that each person gets individual attention, while also interacting with a reasonable-sized group. Every class is lively and highly interactive.

4. We put "mind-frames" into you, so that any time anywhere you have to speak your mind builds around the mind-frames without hesitation – and you are NEVER at a loss. This has a PERMANENT and DEEP effect on your mind. It is in no way the superficial "teaching" that most others offer.

5. EVERY day and in EVERY class, almost EVERY participant in our course speaks from the "stage". This is done with a great deal of help and encouragement from the instructor and the other participants.

6. Almost throughout the programme, NO writing will be permitted; instead it is your mind that will be "working out" – and that can be quite as exhausting as going to a gym for a physical workout!