For Mid - Level Executives and Working People

This programme is meant for mid-level professionals from all disciplines – business, law, the media, medicine, to name a few - to effectively represent themselves and their organisation outside and confidently lead their teams inside.

These people face many situations each day in which effective communication skills are critical. Professionals at this level are called to be leaders; and leadership and communication skills are two sides of the same coin. They also find they need to present and "sell" themselves effectively. They need to express themselves effectively in writing, both within their organization and to people outside. Other working people find themselves having to handle irate customers and screen calls.

Almost everyone, at some stage, has to make oral presentations - to large, mid-sized and small groups, or even to individuals. In all these cases - and more – communication skills play a vital role.

Komark gears people to learn to gracefully handle these situations while adding value to their skill-sets and stature in their workplaces.