For Junior Executives and New Entrants Into the workplace

Once a person has entered the workforce, the competition begins. While learning on and about the job, the person is compelled to find ways to be respected and noticed, not just by peers but also by seniors.

On the one hand, the new entrant must be able to express effectively the little that he has learnt, in a way that seniors can understand and appreciate. Even when mistakes are made – as they will be while learning in a new environment – the new entrant must know which senior to approach and how to explain the situation and ask for guidance. The more effectively the new entrant can explain the situation and the error the more likely that the senior will understand, accept or guide.

Again, many workplaces spend considerable time in meetings. The new entrant must be able to merge into this culture. Knowing full well that juniors usually get very little time to speak at meetings, the young entrant must know how to utilise that little time to the best advantage, thus making an appreciable contribution and also standing out among peers.

Here again, communication skills play a vital role. Komarkenables young entrants to present themselves effectively in such situations while adding value to their skill-sets and stature in their workplaces.