Mary Ann Ninan
Masters in English Literature with Honors; TESL; co-ordinator for ibtTOEFL, MELAB, CAEL; Oral Examiner for MELAB and CAEL, Instructor for IELTS, ibtTOEFL, CAEL, MELAB, TOEIC, YELT, Speed Reading, ESL and Conversational English.
For those new to Canada looking to learn English and
For professionals in Canadapreparing for an English language examination
Professionals from different countries are unable to work in their own professions because of their struggles with the English Language. Astara Learning Centre (ALC) was established in 2006 in Brampton, Ontario, to assist these professionals to speak, read and write English fluently and complete English Proficiency exams successfully. Today we are located in Mississauga (close to Square One), in a central location easily accessible by buses, cars and trains.

Having taught in different countries, India, Bahrain and Canada, as well as students of different personalities and skills for the past 35 years, we believe that adult students need guidance and help in mastering the intricacies of the English Language.

At Astara Learning Centre, our goal is to make the study of English, interesting, easy and fun so that students will develop a love for the language and enjoy overcoming the different obstacles that has prevented them from learning the language until now.

We believe in giving each and every student the individual attention and specific help they need. Our courses are custom-made and specifically designed to bring out all the 5 skills – Reading & Vocabulary, Grammar, Writing, Listening, and Speaking.

Classes are available for groups of 5 or even for single students. We offer morning, evening and weekend classes to accommodate the needs of all kinds of students.
Astara Learning Centre

4450 Tucana Court, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Office: 905.502.5337, Cell: 416.471.6534