Preparing for Group Discussion and Interviews
for admission to Management and other professional institutions

This programme is meant for students who intend to take up higher studies in an institution for professional studies.

For decades now, professional institutions have been selecting their students on the bases of three criteria: marks in a competitive aptitude examination; Group Discussion among peers; and Interviews with senior academics and visiting professionals from the field.

Many students are understandably apprehensive at the thought of appearing for the Group Discussion or the Interview. Also, since most of them are appearing for the first time, they have very little idea about what is expected; and so they make critical errors at these crucial stages of admission.

Komark, with its "Speak-in-Style" programmes, removes your fears and demystifies the processes. Here are some of the special features:
1. We give you a clear idea of what to expect. We explain to you why these processes are conducted and what the institution is really  looking for.
2. We show you a variety of styles in which these processes are conducted and prepare you for a diverse range of academic and professional interviewers. Thus we give you insights into the different ways in which these processes are carried out by different institutions.
3. We build up your confidence in yourself and show you simply, intelligently and effectively how to take part in such activities. We will  also encourage you to take the part of the interviews, so that you understand what works and what doesn't.
4. Our trainers, who are accomplished communicators, have been conducting Group Discussions and taking Interviews at various  professional schools. In addition, they themselves went through these routines when they were professional students, where they made mistakes too. So they are really calling upon deep and varied experiences when they teach you.