For Other Individuals

Some of our learners have been neither professionals nor students. However, they have been keen to improve their personalities and, consequently, their social lives by being able to communicate more confidently and effectively.

They have found that our programmes give them an altogether new personality, and hence a new confidence. On the one hand, they have been able to converse freely and interestingly, so that others are drawn to them and seek their views on different subjects. This in turn has given them a new found confidence. In other words, this has been true, not superficial, personality development.

Their "audiences" have been their friends, acquaintances or relatives; their seniors, peers or juniors in a work situation or a university or a professional institution; anentire auditorium; or just one person with whom they have had to interact with.

We have helped these people to stand alone in front of their audience, look them in the eyes and speak to them without fear or hesitation, while keeping them interested and achieving the objective of persuading or informing or entertaining them.

Grammar, syntax or accent neutralization. Don't forget – this is not an English-teaching programme. We do not aim at increasing your vocabulary or correcting your pronunciation, although some improvement in these areas inevitably occurs.