The Komark Advantage - Writing

We realize that no training programme of a few weeks duration can possibly replace 10 or 11 years of good writing at school, so we do not attempt to do so. Instead, about two weeks before commen cement of the programme, you will be required to show your writing samples to the Trainer. The Trainer will analyse your writing and identify your main areas of difficulty. The programme will then concentrate on the 8-10 most significant problems being faced by you and your fellow learners.

What do we try to achieve?

We i am to make you improve your writing from the very first day. Both in professional and in <academic situations, we take examples that are most relevant to YOU, so that you can easily see the connection between what you write and what you experience in the world around you. Importantly, our creative and practical approach motivates you to improve and you will see results from the very first day.

How do we achieve this?

Instead of using a dry, academic approach, we tackle the subject from the point of view of logic and modern practice, ignoring all the superfluous technicalities and nuances of grammar that are of use mainly inlinguistics.

As stated above, we focus on your 8-10 most significant problems. Our experience teaches us that by solving those problems you find your writing skills substantially enhanced. This in turn gives you more confidence and motivates you to write more and better.

What we DON'T do?

We do not hand you a Grammar book or start with basic rules. Obviously, when you learn Writing, you have to be sure of grammar. But instead of beginning with the rule and then teaching you to apply it, we begin with applications that are practical in your life and work backward to help you understand the rule. To take a parallel from Swimming, we wouldn't begin with long lectures and theoretical questions on Archimedes' Principle; instead, we would get you into water, not too deep in the beginning, and get you to enjoy the experience of being in the water. Slowly, we will help you to understand how Archimedes' Principle applies.