Other Services - Training of Trainers and Teachers

One of the biggest and most obvious myths in the academic world today is that a Ph D automatically equips a scholar to teach.

Nothing could be further from the truth, as hundreds of thousands of long suffering students in colleges and universities will readily attest.

Even assuming that aPh D thesis has been of a high quality – something very rare indeed – the fact that one has done supposedly deep research into one micro aspect of one's subjects and has therefore added something to the body of human knowledgehas no relation with one's ability to communicate this knowledge to students.

Some people with far smaller qualifications and perhaps far less knowledge than a Ph D scholar are seen to have a natural ability to teach – to pass on knowledge – in such a way that the students actually understands and internalizes the knowledge.

Others are not anywhere as naturally gifted; but if they have genuine knowledge of their subject they can be trained to teach or train others. A parallel can be found in music. Some people are naturally gifted musicians; but others can also have their skills enhanced, provided they have a good sense of tone, harmony and rhythm.

Komark has a pool of gifted teachers, who, most importantly, have been able to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of their own teaching, and thus are able to communicate these to potential teachers and trainers. Our programmes are intensive and demanding and are customised to individual or group requirements.