Other Services - Editing of Theses - Ph D and M Phil

With Komark's Head Trainer having taught PhD level classes at University, we provide high quality services to help a candidate prepare a Ph Dor M Phil thesis.

Starting with the candidate's actual research and findings in a rough form, we will (as may be required):

  • organise or re-organise the matter into suitable chapters;
  • prepare a list of contents;
  • rewrite citations, references and bibliographies in the Harvard (or other) Referencing system;
  • edit the entire text for spelling, grammar and syntax; and;
  • arrange the entire matter suitably to include the candidate's tables, diagrams and other graphics in a readable and professional print layout.

During the process, candidates sometimes wish to have personal meetings with us, where occasionally (for certain subjects) we are able to point out possible new directions or aspects, which the candidate could find useful in improving the thesis. In such cases candidates have often used our "second opinion" to supplement the views and comments of their official Guide.