Business and Official Correspondence

Whom it is meant for ?

This programme is useful for business executives and officers, other professionals and self-employed consultants and entrepreneurs.
All these people are constantly required to communicate in writing with their seniors, peers and juniors within the organization and also with their customers and vendors outside. The writing may be in the form of business letters, inter office memos (IOMs), e-mails and business reports. Much of this writing is, all too often, not quite effective. But it is critical to the organisation's efficiency and legal safety.
To undertake this programme, you are expected to be reasonably comfortable in English writing.

What do we try to achieve ?

Our objective is to enable you to write simply and effectively in any business situation. Our training takes into account the real needs of people who need to write often in their daily work-situations.
Unfortunately, very few people these days are taught how to write in a modern business context. Much of the "training" that is imparted is either too basic or too divorced from real-life situations to be of any practical use to the trainee. Other types of training are too academic and grammar-oriented to motivate the trainee to improve.

What do we cover?
  • We cover the following areas:
  • Effective Email writing. How it is similar to and different from letter writing. Basic email etiquette.
  • Memo writing.Purpose of Memos.Writing with complete and accurate information.
  • Business Letters.The classic workhorse of the professional organization or business.Tone, content, format.
  • Simplifying language.Use of "Plain English."Avoiding clichés, ugly writing.
  • Writing Effective Paragraphs
  • Business and Official Vocabulary
  • Writing Business Reports (optional extra)