Business and Academic Writing

What will you again from these programmes ?

You will find your writing at the workplace or at your place of study actually begins to improve the very day you start the programme! We will de-mystify the business of writing for work or academic purposes, as the case may be, so that you will begin to understand and pick up best business practices or more effective writing skills as you go on.
If your organization, like most, does not have a standardized writing format, you will be able to set the standards there. You will also find that your clarity in writing helps you to understand your own work better. Thus the benefits will go far beyond mere writing.

What we expect of you

Samples required As in all Komark programmes, the emphasis is on a practical, hands-on style oflearning. You will be required to write every single day of training. Some of this writing will be in the training room and some at home, as you will be required to do home assignments and email them to the trainer (you will need access to a computer and to the Internet).
While the trainer will indeed give you specific directions and guidelines to achieve good writing skills, you yourself will need to do exercises on a daily basis, which will be evaluated by the trainer and returned.