Basic, Intermediate, Advanced Academic Writing


When Indian students go abroad for higher studies, one of the major problems they face is their weakness in writing for academic purposes. The vast majority have virtually no knowledge of essential citation requirements, without which they are liable to be charged with plagiarism, a serious academic offence. This is mainly because these requirements are either non-existent or highly under-emphasized in Indian institutions.

But citations apart, a large number of Indian students, who are otherwise reasonably fluent in spoken English, turn out to be indifferent or poor writers. Their lack of precision in vocabulary and loose sentence structure, combined with indifferent grammar and syntax, put them at a disadvantage with students from other English-speaking countries.

Komark, with years of teaching experience right up to Ph D level, assists such students to improve their writing skills considerably. While there are definite limitations on what can be taught in a few classes if it has not already been taught at foundation levels, Komark can bring in visible improvement in academic writing. It will also make the student conscious of what to look for, so that even after completing a Komark course, the student will continue to try improving his or her writing.